Brittany Victoria

"Brittany spent two and a half years at Tinicum Art and Science, a small Buddhist high school in Bucks County, outside Philadelphia, where she honed her relationship with meditation as a spiritual process as well as a medium for art. In the last years, Brittany focused her emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth towards artistic accomplishments. Inside her endeavor to become fully expressed, she realized her propensity for performance art.

Brittany has become a fearless artist, who has sharpened her ability to communicate visually and physically. Her thought process is astonishing. She is able to cultivate her ideas in any medium or mixed media, but most poignantly as a performance artist for civic engagement. As a performance artist, her exhibits liberate others by confidently demonstrating how sexuality, spirituality, and commitment to social issues are inseparable and integral to modern life and fulfillment of the soul. Her latest performance, a two-hour piece, will display self-transcendence from pain into pleasure inside a gallery setting. Brittany will be suspended while she meditates through the ancient erotic Japanese practice of bondage to experience and reveal a relationship between spirituality and BDSM. Those who attend her performance will question how transcendence, and the work one must endure in order to transcend, fits into their life and in society. She takes on this theme loudly with grace and intelligence that leaves her audience wondering how she is able to conceive of such accurate and efficient expression at such a tender age.

Even though Brittany is a very young emerging artist, her intellectual and artistic aptitude is apparent through her solid work ethic. As a result, she was accepted into the prestigious Jeff Gural Academic Achievement and Opportunity Scholars Program, a scholarship for civic engagement, which promotes community among scholars, from the Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts, where she is enrolled for fall 2013.

Brittany is constantly questioning social and spiritual progression in her daily life, in her practice and in her creativity. She enthusiastically takes what she learns and sculpts it to contour her life and her art, for the sole purpose of growth. Each work of art develops and deepens upon what she has previously accomplished. Brittany is well on her way to becoming a well balanced, contented, and successful artist, a true leader."

-Written about Brittany Victoria by contemporary artist Barbara Bjerring